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Roundpeg work with partners.  You may be a client looking for a resource or a candidate searching for a new role, either way, we are there to partner you on your recruitment journey.

 We have 20 years experience working in operational excellence recruitment and so have an extensive global network of contacts. In addition to that global breadth, we also have an excellent in depth experience and understanding of our market and how to develop and provide solutions to ensure the Change teams are successful within a business.  

With the morphing and growing market of continuous improvement and change management, Roundpeg work with experts where the partnership is crucial so we can work together to identify the next move to take your team and business forward whether than be a business analyst or a Director of CI.

We aim to give a breadth and speed of market coverage and an honest and flexible approach. The process will be tailored to your needs to ensure the process is as efficient as we can make it for you.

Our clients range from huge conglomerates and FTSE 100 companies to small consultancies.  We work in manufacturing, banking, insurance, telecoms, oil and gas, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, BPO to name but a few areas.  We operate in a vertical market.

We offer you the opportunity to join our team and use our expertise and contacts to help you find your next move.  

We will listen and proffer our advice and expertise whether that is to help with your CV, interview technique or research.  

If you want to send your CV to us or just your contact details we will respond to you as soon as we can. Please see our contact details page

Types of Roles

Roundpeg Asociates can help you find permanent or interim positions.  Find out more:

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